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The Kids From Widney High:
Let's Get Busy
The Kids From Widney High: Let's Get Busy
1. Cowboy Brown
2. Facts About Life
3. Look Out Your Window
4. Pretty Girls
5. Christmas Is the Time
6. Every Girl's My Girlfriend
7. Let's Get Busy
8. Doctor Doctor
9. Respect
10. Help Me to Find My Way

  • Ipecac Recordings IPC-5
"Let's Get Busy" is the musical result of a songwriting class at Widney High, a public, special education school in Los Angeles. The students have written songs that reflect their experiences growing up disabled in an exciting and unforgiving city. The topics of their songs range from the fear we all have visiting the doctor to a way to vocalize how to stand up for what they think is right, by rewriting the lyrics to "Respect" transforming it into an anthem for those with disabilities. The kids bring an honesty to the songs that is pure and refreshing and real. Being part of the music industry can make one tired and jaded about music and life in general. Bands and labels throw around fake sales figures and chart positions and keep thousands of attorneys in usiness,battling each other... radio stations accept payola for pushing putrid pablum on a brain dead public... so called music magazines take money from high priced PR firms for plastering has been heroin addicts all over their pages... The Kids of Widney High is unaffected by any of that crap. These kids make music that is real. These kids make music for the joy of it. It is a tribute to these kids and their teachers! ©Ipecac Recordings

The Kids From Widney High:
Special Music From Special Kids
The Kids From Widney High: Special Music From Special Kids

1. New Car
2. Teddy Bear
3. 65 Years Old
4. Mirror, Mirror
5. Hollywood
6. Insects
7. Mayra
8. Stand Up And Dance
9. Primary Reinforcement
10. Throw Away The Trash
11. New York
12. Widney High
13. Friends
14. Ride Away

New Car
Teddy Bear

  • Rounder CD 8014

This remarkable recording results from a songwriting class at Widney High, where Michael Monagan was teaching severely handicapped students. The students poured their efforts into the writing and performing of the songs, and for this recording they were accompanied by studio musicians. As a result of the project many of the students' behavior problems decreased and they experienced a tremendous boost of self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishment. 1990 Notable Children's Recording: American Library Association ©Rounder Records
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