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Play-A-Long Sets©

Volumes 81 - 98
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all descriptive information and summaries ©2002 Jamey Aebersold/Jazz Aids. All rights reserved.

Vol. 81 - Contemporary Standards & Originals with the Dave Liebman Group:

v81Learn to play a new twist on old standards with challenging, inventive arrangements, including odd meter, fusion, waltz, modal, etc., as well as several originals to explore. Phil Markowitz, piano; Vic Juris, acoustic & electric guitar; Tony Marino, acoustic & electric bass; Jamey Haddad, drums &percussion. (Book/CD) $15.90

Vol. 82 - Dexter Gordon

v82Only in his last years as an actor in the acclaimed movie "Round Midnight" did Dexter Gordon gain widespread popularity, but jazz musicians have known about him for decades, through his big sound, hard swing and roaring compositions. Learn and enjoy these songs which are part of his great legacy. George Cables, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Victor Lewis, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

Vol. 83 - The Brecker Brothers

v83Be like Mike! For years, musicians have been requesting a high quality funk/fusion play-a-long of well-known recorded hits. This is it! The Grammy winning Brecker Brothers band has successfully blended jazz, electronics, and contemporary rhythms into exciting, energetic jazz that has become accessible to audiences without compromising quality. Produced by former Brecker Brothers Band keyboardist George Whitty, these tracks contain "killer" electronic sounds and are awesome to play with! Jazz with "attitude!" (Book/CD) $16.90

Vol. 84 - Dominant Seventh Workout

Vol. 84The Dominant Seventh is probably the most substituted, colored and altered sound in modern music. Its flexibility and distinctive nature made it a favorite of composers throughout the twentieth century and allowed it to dominate Blues, and Rock & Roll. This unique play-a-long explores the very nature of the Dom 7 sound and describes different ways jazz masters have used it for color and texture. Many written patterns will open your ears and extended play-a-long tracks (2CDs) will allow you to practice links and patterns, refine your technique and reaction time, and give you the skills to navigate Dominant 7ths with confidence. Jamey Aebersold, piano; Tyrone Wheeler, bass; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/2CD) $19.95

Vol. 85 - Tunes You Thought You Know: Reharmonized Standards

Tunes You Thought You KnowAndy LaVerne is a well-respected musician much in demand all over the globe as well as the author of such books as the "Handbook of Chord Substitutions" and Volume 75 of the Aebersold series, "Countdown To Giant Steps." Here he brings you ten classic standards and one original rewritten to reflect his own approach to harmonic substitution and feel. You'll find yourself rediscovering the forms and melody of these important songs while being inspired to create your OWN reharmonizations! A great set to make these familiar tunes fresh again. Andy LaVerne, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

Vol. 86 - "Shoutin' Out" - Tunes of Horace Silver

Shoutin' OutFew musicians and composers have influenced jazz the way Horace Silver has. His groups, recordings and compositions have helped define the very shape of jazz as we know it today . . . So here we continue the explorations of Volumes 17 and 18 of the Aebersold series (which featured Horace's tunes) to challenge and stretch your playing on these songs. A number of styles are represented and the rhythm section will help you make these tunes your own. Mark Levine, piano; Lynn Seaton, bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

Vol. 87 - "When Lights Are Low" - Benny Carter Intermediate level

Vol. 87Legendary multi-instrumentalist/composer Benny Carter has granted us the impressive honor of compiling a remarkable play-a-long of his favorite works. Mr. Carter's fine harmonic awareness and keen melodic ear combine for unforgettable jazz compositions for every taste.
Harry Pickens, piano; Tyrone Wheeler, bass; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

Vol. 88 - "Millennium Blues" Blues with a twist for the third millennium!

Millennium BluesThe BLUES are BACK!! The Blues are the basis of much of modern music, and this volume highlights many of the different ways the "blues" are approached in jazz. There are a variety of feels, grooves and tempos which will give you a good workout on the blues progression.
John Stetch, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Akira Tana, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

Vol. 89 - "Darn That Dream"

Darn That DreamTwelve of the world's most often played standards. Learn and enjoy these timeless classics while being accompanied by a rhythm section of master musicians.
Mark Levine, piano; Lynn Seaton, bass; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

new! Vol. 90 - "Odd Times"

Odd TimesDon't feel uncomfortable everytime someone calls a tune in an odd meter. At last, here is a thorough workout in odd time signatures, including 3/4, 5/4, 6/8. 11/4, and alternating time feels that will give you the confidence and proficiency to perform at your best. Use this set to practice with and make unusual time signatures feel as natural as 4/4.
Andy Laverne, piano; John Goldsby, bass; John Riley, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

Vol. 91 - "Player's Choice"

Player's ChoiceA collection of excellent songs well known to all working musicians.
Mark Levine, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Barry Ries, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

Vol. 92 - Lennie Niehaus Intermediate level

Lennie NiehausLennie's reputation as a jazz and film composer, arranger, and jazz recording artist is second to none. His musical and playable style of writing has made his many solo/etude books among the most popular jazz books in the world. Lennie has personally assembled the songs for this play-a-long and added 9 new selections to create a wonderful set for all to enjoy.
Lynne Arriale, piano; Tyrone Wheeler, bass; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

Vol. 93 - "What's New"

What's NewHere is the play-a-long for all those who have requested a play-a-long utilizing a guitar trio instead of the usual piano trio as the accompanying instrumentation. The swinging but relaxed sound of the guitar trio brings an intimacy to these songs that will allow you to feel and hear things differentlyas you play along. A fresh change of pace.
Dave Stryker, guitar; Bill Moring, bass; Tim Horner, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

Vol. 94 - "Hot House"

Hot HouseThis set is for all those looking for a good collection of Bop favorites, Jazz classics, and well-known Standards; very much what you might encounter on a typical gig. The all-star rhythm section is one of the best in the business. This is one of the best-sounding play-a-longs yet!
James Williams, piano; Christian McBride, bass; Jeff Watts, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

Vol. 95 - "500 Miles High" For all instrumentalists and vocalists

500 Miles HighThese famous standards and jazz favorites make this an enjoyable set for all musicians. Play and learn with this exciting rhythm section, recorded when they were hot off the road.
David Hazeltine, piano; Dennis Irwin, bass; Tony Reedus, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

new! Vol. 96 - "Latin Quarter" For all instrumentalists

Latin QuarterThis set features the music and performances of Samuels' Caribbean Jazz Project. A totally authentic latin jazz fusion set - sounds awesome!
Dave Samuels, vibes; Steve Khan, guitar, guiro; Ruben Rodriguez, bass; Richie Flores, congas & percussion; Robbie Ameen, timbales/drums; Dario Eskenazi, piano; Oscar Stagnaro, bass; Mark Walker, drums (Book/CD) $15.90

new! Vol. 97 - "Standards With Strings" For all instrumentalists and vocalists

Standards With StringsWhen Charlie Parker made his famous "with strings" recordings, Jazz musicians everywhere realized the potential of lushly orchestrated strings to inspire and enhance their own creativity. Many legendary players - Cannonball Adderly, Blue Mitchell, and Clifford Brown, to name a few - soon followed suit, making a "with strings" album an almost essential rite of passage. Presented here are 10 beautiful standards arranged by jazz great LENNIE NIEHAUS recorded with state-of-the-art digital technology that gives the music a "presence" unequalled by other play-a-longs. This is sure to become an all time favorite!
Steve Allee, piano; Tyrone Wheeler, bass; Steve Davis, drums; Peter McHugh, violins; Alan Oldfield, synth strings (Book/CD) $16.90

Vol. 98 - "Antonio Carlos Jobim -- BOSSA NOVA" For all instrumentalists and vocalists

Antonio Carlos Jobim This set pays tribute to one of the greatest Brazilian composers of all time - JOBIM!! His songs have become an essential part of the jazz repertoire, and have even crossed over into the popular consciousness -- and now you can play them, too! With a nylon-string guitar instead of piano, this set has an authentic Brazilian feel that will inspire your imagination.
Dave Stryker, nylon string guitar; Bill Mooring, bass; Duduka Da Fonseca, drums, percussion. (Book/CD) $15.90

all descriptive information and summaries ©2002 Jamey Aebersold/Jazz Aids. All rights reserved.

please note . . . Book/CD package count as three (3) items in calculating shipping charges;
Book/2CD count as four (4).

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