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Play-A-Long Sets©

Volumes 41 - 60
[Vol. 1 - 20] [Vol. 21 - 40] [Vol. 61 - 80] [Vol. 80 - 98]
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please note . . . Book/CD package count as three (3) items in calculating shipping charges;
Book/2CD count as four (4).
all descriptive information and summaries ©2002 Jamey Aebersold/Jazz Aids. All rights reserved.

Vol. 41 - Body and Soul All levels

Vol. 41 - Body and SoulLyrics included. A large selection of famous standards that will have every musician rushing home from work to play. This set of seventeen familiar classics will inspire you to play your best, increase your song list, and equip yourself for any musical situation. Learn these songs inside and out and have fun doing it! Rhythm section Dan Haerle, piano; John Goldsby, bass; Ed Soph, drums. (Book/2CD) $19.95

  • Dan Haerle - Transcribed Piano Comping for Vol. 41 "Body and Soul" (Book) $9.95
  • John Goldsby - Bass Notes (selected transcriptions and bass lines from Vols. 41, 48 & 55 (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 42 - Blues In All Keys

Vol. 42 - Blues In All KeysHere's a great way to expand your blues playing in every key. And, it's real fun, too! These are slow tempos and are for all levels of ability. Try playing some of the tougher keys without looking at the music and see just how fast your ear takes over. You'll find yourself gaining confidence very quickly and that confidence will greatly improve your soloing. Charlie Parker learned the blues in all twelve keys before he learned anything else.

Transposed for all instruments. Each key contains a different blues melody and two compatible chord/scale progressions. It's enjoyable and it's sure to make you a better blues player. Get started now with this great addition to the series. Rhythm section is James Williams, piano; Bob Cranshaw, bass; Mickey Roker, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 43 - Groovin' High Int./Adv. level

Vol. 43 - Groovin' HighSix "must know" bebop tunes and two essential standards you'll play on every gig. Tempos are comfortable and not too fast. Bebop is the ultimate jazz language builder. Master the art of bebop and all other styles will come much easier. Most of today's greatest modern players like Bob Berg, Terence Blanchard, Jerry Bergonzi, Chick Corea, Freddie Hubbard, and the Brecker Brothers all used bebop as the foundation for building their unique styles and, no doubt, they know all the tunes on this recording inside and out. Get right to the heart of the "jazz sound." Rhythm section is Dan Haerle, piano; Todd Coolman, bass; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 44 - Autumn Leaves All levels

Autumn LeavesLyrics included. Sit back and let this exciting New York rhythm section take you on an exhilarating ride through these timeless jazz session favorites. Sultry ballads, exciting bossas and finger-snappin' swing tunes at comfortable tempos make this a welcome addition to anyone's musical library. Rhythm section is Niels Lan Doky, piano; Christian Doky, bass; Billy Hart, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 45 - Bill Evans Int./Adv. level

Vol. 45 - Bill EvansHarmonically speaking, Bill Evans remains today, one of the most influential musicians and composers in jazz. Bill Evans' compositions are among the richest and most original in jazz, laced with beautiful, lush alterations and passing chords. This set represents a sampling of Bill's illustrious career from "Waltz for Debby," written in 1954, to "Laurie," composed in 1979. Other favorites provide unique challenges and give us some valuable insight into Bill's creative genius. The rhythm section skillfully plays each composition in the Bill Evans style, including his favorite piano voicings, to provide you with a realistic sense of the Bill Evans mystique. Rhythm section: Dan Haerle, piano; Todd Coolman, bass; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 46 - Out Of This World All levels

Vol. 46 - Out Of This WorldLyrics included. A cross section of ageless standards encompassing a wide span of styles and musical periods from Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis, gleaned from Broadway shows, best-selling records and popular musicals. You're guaranteed to find this set to be "Out Of This World!" Rhythm section is Mulgrew Miller, piano; Lonnie Plaxico, bass; Ronnie Burrage, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 47 - I Got Rhythm - (all twelve keys) All levels

Vol. 47 - I Got RhythmFUN and EDUCATIONAL! Explores the fundamentals of playing RHYTHM (I Got Rhythm) changes in all twelve keys. For decades, jazz greats have used these progressions as springboards to new interpretations and improvisations. Charlie Parker practiced "I Got Rhythm" in all twelve keys and recorded these progressions on 28 separate occasions! All twelve keys include a written melody as well as a solo section. Special section contains uniquely-designed slow recorded tracks to help you fully understand harmonies. The book includes step-by-step instructions and examples of common "rhythm" techniques and practice, including the use of blues, diminished, pentatonic, and other scales, as well as playing the "changes." This set has everything you need to get a true performance-quality understanding of I Got Rhythm changes! Great for beginning rhythm players! Rhythm section: Jim McNeely, piano; Todd Coolman, bass; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 48 - Duke Ellington: In A Mellow Tone Int./Adv. level

Vol. 48 - Duke Ellington: In A Mellow TonePlay along just for the fun of it or use this set as an opportunity to learn nine important songs you can use on almost any gig. Ellington's historic compositions have proven themselves equally as worthwhile for small groups as they were for his famous big bands, and have been recorded by a wide array of artists such as Johnny Hodges, Yusef Lateef and Mulgrew Miller. Here are nine of Duke's famous classics and a rhythm section that grooves on all of them! An essential package for ALL musicians and vocalists wishing to learn and enjoy these wonderful, timeless standards. Lyrics included for many of the tunes. Rhythm section: Dan Haerle, piano; John Goldsby, bass; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 49 - Sugar All levels

Vol. 49 - SugarNothing beats the "humpin'" sound and feel of the Hammond B-3 organ. People from the great Jimmy Smith to the young and exciting Joey DeFrancesco have demonstrated it's unique ability to swing hard! Now for the first time, you can take advantage of the opportunity to play along with two of jazz's finest - Hank Marr and Jim Rupp. Once you try it, you'll be hooked! The song selection is perfect for the organ, as many have an inherent "bluesy" sound. You'll find playing lyrically much easier and you'll love the heavy blues flavoring. Don't miss this one! Hank Marr, Hammond B3 organ; Jim Rupp, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 50 - Magic Of Miles Davis All levels

Vol. 50 - Magic Of Miles DavisThese jazz classics represent a slice of Miles' illustrious career from 1957 to 1964, during which Miles was at the apex of his popularity. As an example of Miles' unparalleled influence as a trumpeter, composer and band leader, several of his sidemen (Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, David Liebman, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins and Wayne Shorter) have all had play-a-longs of their own compositions represented here in this series! Commemorating the 50th play-a-long in the series, here are the classic tunes Miles Davis made famous. Pianists and everyone else interested in piano voicings/comping, now have the extra advantage of being able to purchase all of Mark Levine's piano comping transcribed note-for-note in the Volume 50 Transcribed Piano Voicings Book! Mark Levine, piano; Todd Coolman, bass; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 51 - Night And Day All levels

Night And DayLyrics included. The thirteen songs included in this album are among the most popular ever produced by some of America's leading composers such as George Gershwin and Cole Porter. As in many other tunes adopted by the jazz idiom, many of these originated in Broadway shows. There are beautiful ballads, bluesy slow swing's, soaring melodies, interesting bridges, and daring lyrics, that have been discovered and reinvented by many of jazz's most influential personalities, such as Art Tatum, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker and Michael Brecker. Try some of these out on your next club date and they'll be instant hits with the band! Rhythm section is Jim McNeely, piano; Steve Gilmore, bass; Bill Goodwin, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 52 - Collector's Items All levels

Vol. 52 - Collector's Items Lyrics included. Here is a truly outstanding collection of tunes for you to learn, with the emphasis on melody. Written over a span of 37 years, these songs all fall within the great popular song tradition. As usual, jazzmen over the years have made each of these songs "standards" through their own performing tradition. In particular, jazz greats such as John Coltrane, Tommy Dorsey, Sarah Vaughan and Benny Carter have enjoyed the songs well enough to record them over the decades. What better endorsement for the melodic and harmonic value of these great songs? Join our exciting rhythm section for a refreshing tour of great American songwriting. Rhythm section is Rob Schneiderman, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Akira Tana, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 53 - Clifford Brown (NOT AVAILABLE)

Clifford's favorites including Joy Spring, Sandu, Daahoud, La Rue, Tiny Capers, Sweet Clifford, Gerkin for Perkin, Minor Mood and more. Rhythm section is Jim McNeely, piano; John Goldsby, bass; Jonathan Higgins, drums. NOT AVAILABLE

Vol. 54 - Maiden Voyage Beg./Int. level

Vol. 54 - Maiden VoyageEssential jazz standards and important "workout" tracks for the student ready to make the transition from playing scales, chords and exercises to playing popular jazz standards. Excellent reference material that can be used as a resource for beginning improvisation . . . actual tunes instead of exercises! Features slower tempos and easier changes. Each selection includes it's own specific tips and suggestions on how to approach soloing over it. Scales are written out for every chord change. A wide variety of related publications (see below) make this the perfect jazz improvisation method for high school and college music directors. Rhythm section is Jamey Aebersold, piano; Tyrone Wheeler, bass; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

  • Tyrone Wheeler - Transcribed Bass Lines for Vol. 54 (Book) $5.95
  • Jamey Aebersold - Transcribed Piano Comping for Vol. 54 (Book) $9.95
  • Steve Davis - Transcribed Drum Tracks/Play-A-Long for Drums (Book/CD) $14.90
  • Volume 70 - Killer Joe

Vol. 55 - Yesterdays: Jerome Kern's Jazz Classics Int./Adv. level

Vol. 55 - Yesterdays: Jerome Kern's Jazz ClassicsLyrics included. Don't leave home without knowing these eleven essential standards by one of America's greatest composers, Jerome Kern. Kern's style of composing (fresh, flowing harmonies and memorable, lyrical melodies) caught the attention of jazz players in the 40's and 50's and still inspires thousands of new musicians every day. Presented here for all musicians to learn and love, is generally considered his finest work. PIANO PLAYERS: Hal's comping on this volume has been transcribed and put in book form! Rhythm section is Hal Galper, piano; John Goldsby, bass; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

  • Hal Galper - Transcribed Piano Comping for Vol. 55 (Book) $15.00
  • John Goldsby - Bass Notes (selected transcriptions and bass lines from Vols. 41, 48 & 55 (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 56 - Thelonious Monk Int./Adv. level

Vol. 56 - Thelonious MonkThelonious Monk was one of the most influential pianists/composers the jazz world has ever produced. His originality and unorthodox style have fascinated both musicians and fans, and continue to shape the styles of young players today. Assembled here is a vintage collection of classic Monk: most of which need no introduction to even the most novice jazz fan, and two songs by Jamey in tribute to his style and legacy. The rhythm section on this recording takes a "Monkish" approach to each song, capturing the true flavor of each of these great jazz masterpieces and creating an exciting vehicle for the soloist to "ride" on. Rhythm section is Mark Levine, piano; Todd Coolman, bass; Ed Soph, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 57 - Minor Blues in All Keys All levels

Vol. 57 - Minor Blues in All KeysHere we have a typical minor blues in all twelve keys. Few chord progressions offer the freedom and variety of expression found in the minor blues progression. Great players have all approached this chord progression in a variety of ways; from attacking each chord vertically in its pure form to playing horizontally "across" the progression, usually with a blues or pentatonic scale, to taking all or part of the changes totally harmonically "out." A perfect practice set for all musicians! Rhythm section is Rob Schneiderman, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Akira Tana, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 58 - Unforgettable Int./Adv. level

Vol. 58 - UnforgettableLyrics included. Lush ballads and swingin' standards for every occasion, tastefully played by an outstanding rhythm section and made "unforgettable" by such great jazzmen as Dave Brubeck, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Ray Noble and Nat "King" Cole. A practical and enjoyable set for all jazz players. Each of these songs are essential songs in the professional musician's library. Learning these timeless standards will enable you to handle any musical situation, be it a casual, professional gig, or a high-powered jazz concert. Rhythm section is Hal Galper, piano; Wayne Dockery, bass; Steve Ellington, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 59 - Invitation - Play-a-long with B-3 organ! Int./Adv. level

Vol. 59 - InvitationLyrics included. Due to the amazing popularity and success of our first organ play-a-long, Volume 49 - Sugar, we are releasing our second edition featuring the incomparable Hank Marr on his Hammond B-3 organ with Steve Davis on drums. All songs recorded at relaxed "groove" tempos that inspire laid-back performance and open up whole new avenues of creativity. Same stereo separation as the other volumes, allowing the bass or chording parts of the organ to be removed if desired. Rhythm section is Hank Marr, Hammond B3 organ; Steve Davis, drums. (Book/2CD) $19.95


Vol. 60 - Freddie Hubbard Int./Adv. level

Vol. 60 - Freddie HubbardEleven bandstand favorites composed and/or recorded by one of jazz's greatest trumpet innovators. A different direction than most of our other play-a-longs in that many of the tunes incorporate new musical influences and styles such as rock, latin and fusion. A perfect set for anyone wishing to "spice up" their repertory. A total of six high-powered professional musicians back you up on this set in a variety of combinations to give every song a slightly different feel and make the whole set come alive! Rhythm section is Dan Haerle or Mark Levine, piano; Todd Coolman or John Goldsby, bass; Ed Soph or Barry Ries, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

  • Dan Haerle/Mark Levine - Transcribed Piano Comping for Vol. 60 (Book) $9.95

all descriptive information and summaries ©2002 Jamey Aebersold/Jazz Aids. All rights reserved.

please note . . . Book/CD package count as three (3) items in calculating shipping charges;
Book/2CD count as four (4).

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