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Play-A-Long Sets©

Volumes 21 - 40
[Vol. 1 - 20] [Vol. 41 - 60] [Vol. 61 - 80] [Vol. 81 - 98]
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please note . . . Book/CD package count as three (3) items in calculating shipping charges;
Book/2CD count as four (4).
all descriptive information and summaries ©2002 Jamey Aebersold/Jazz Aids. All rights reserved.

Vol. 21 - Gettin' It Together For all musicians (instrumentalists and vocalists) regardless of ability!

Vol. 21 - Gettin' It TogetherUse for individual or group playing and practicing. If you use this volume in conjunction with Volume 1, you will have a solid foundation from which to meet any new challenge you may encounter. This set will quickly change the practice habits of many musicians . . . instrumentalists as well as vocalists. It covers (all twelve keys) major, minor (dorian, harmonic and melodic), dominant 7th, half-diminished, lydian and sus 4. It also has a very slow Blues in F and one in Bb. A total of thirty-one different tracks with a lot of variety. This is an extremely thorough practice set. The tempos are not fast, which allows everyone, beginner or advanced, to have an opportunity to sharpen their skills.

The booklet contains a wealth of information on practicing, ear training, nomenclature, chromaticism, digital patterns, cycle exercises, fourth exercises, double-time passages, comments to band directors (concert, stage/jazz, orchestra and vocal), backgrounds for warm-up period, exercises which correspond to the written tracks, and more. There is enough here to keep everyone busy for a long time. Use this set and your imagination - then look out! (Book/2CD) $19.95

Vol. 22 - Favorite Standards Intermediate/advanced level

Favorite StandardsLyrics included. Our first set of jazz and popular standards that players have always enjoyed recording and improvising on. A stellar representation of American popular music that will offer years of enjoyment for all musicians. You need to know these songs. Dan Haerle, piano; Todd Coolman, bass; Ed Soph, drums. (Book/2CD) $19.95

Vol. 23 - One Dozen Standards Intermediate/advanced level

One Dozen StandardsLyrics included. Twelve more great standards to choose from. A complete, balanced set of well-known songs that work as well for a wedding and other professional engagements as they do for a jam session. A fun, no pressure way of learning these important songs, so you'll always be ready for any occasion. Michael Weiss, piano; John Goldsby, bass; Jonathan Higgins, drums (Book/2CD) $19.95

Vol. 24 - Major and Minor For all lnstrumentalists and Vocalists
For All levels, but especially important for beginners! Volume 24 and 1 work well together for a strong foundation.

Vol. 24 - Major and MinorRecordings contain thirty extended tracks of recorded backgrounds. Great primer for learning basic skills in Major and Minor keys. Advanced players will want to work on "double-timing," playing "outside" and "side-slipping" in all keys at comfortable tempos. This set will help you gain confidence. It's designed to help any musician no matter what their level of ability. One of the most used play-a-longs in the series. Special tracks have Jamey Aebersold playing various exercises and soloing on his saxophone with actual cuts from Volume 24 so you can "hear and see" how to use this practice set. All of the exercises and sax solos have been transcribed and written out in the book! Use this set for warming up any ensemble. Pick a different key each day/week/practice. Jamey Aebersold, piano; John Goldsby, bass; Charlie Craig, drums. (Book/2CD) $19.95

Vol. 25 - All-Time Standards Intermediate/advanced level - vocalist and instrumentalist

Vol. 25 - All-Time StandardsLyrics included. With seventeen tunes, this is the largest collection of standards in any one play-a-long set. Even more important is the fact that the rhythm section had played extensively with jazz legend Phil Woods, so you know you are being backed by the best. The sound is so good that many musicians enjoy just listening to the recording by itself. Try it yourself and see why! Rhythm section is Hal Galper, piano; Steve Gilmore, bass; & Bill Goodwin, drums. (Book/2CD) $19.95

  • Steve Gilmore - Transcribed Bass Lines for Vol. 25 (Book) $5.95

Vol. 26 - The Scale Syllabus: All levels - vocalist and instrumentalist

Vol. 26 - The Scale SyllabusHear David Liebman solo over every scale listed in the Scale Syllabus. David solos on two versions of each scale. First is slow/simple and the second is more complex/fast. Stereo separation allows you to practice and improvise, too! David is on one channel and Jamey is on the other. Even piano and guitar players can accompany or solo. Not only can you hear the different scales, you can practice or solo with them by turning off the sax or piano channel. There is an excellent list of suggested piano voicings in the supplement. This is a great way to learn new scales and chords. Enjoy as you would any jazz recording and let your ears get accustomed to exciting new scales. David Liebman, soprano sax; Jamey Aebersold, piano. (Book/2CD) $15.00

Vol. 27 - John Coltrane Int./Adv. level

Vol. 27 - John ColtraneEight favorite jazz classics from one of the most innovative and influential jazz artists in history: the great John Coltrane, including the haunting ballad "Naima." Coltrane's compositions explored many new frontiers and opened up new harmonic doors for all who followed. The crisp, tight rhythm section adds much enjoyment to this unique play-a-long. Rhythm section is Ron Carter, bass; Harold Mabern, piano; Adam Nussbaum, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 28 - Giant Steps - John Coltrane Int./Adv. level

Vol. 28 - Giant Steps - John ColtraneEight more classic compositions for all musicians wishing to find out what "it's all about", including the historical "Giant Steps." Coltrane could also "cook" on a simple straight-ahead blues, as evidenced in this set. The rhythm section provides the perfect rhythmic feel for each tune and weaves a beautiful harmonic fabric for you to play along with. Rhythm section is Ron Carter, bass; Harold Mabern, piano; Adam Nussbaum, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 29 - Play Duets with Jimmy Raney Int./Adv. level

Vol. 29 - Play Duets with Jimmy RaneyFor ALL musicians. Great set for guitarists and rhythm section players . . . piano, bass, drums. All duets are written in "C" concert with chord progressions transposed for Bb and Eb instruments. Special stereo separation allows you to switch off one channel and fill in the missing part. Melodies are written in duet form, followed by Jimmy comping on one channel and soloing on the other. Drummers and bassists - this is for you! There are no other instruments on the record. Jimmy's time is excellent! Try playing with the recording in stereo, then separate the channels. Horn players will want to solo while Jimmy accompanies. Ten original tunes based on standard chord progressions in a variety of feels and time signatures. This album stands by itself as a straight-ahead jazz recording when played in stereo. Jimmy's improvised solos are available as a supplemental book below. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 30 - Rhythm Section "Work-Out"

Vol. 30 - Rhythm Section "Work-Out"Designed for ALL rhythm section players and teachers. Listen to it as you would any straight-ahead jazz quartet recording as they play the melody in and out, solo, comp, and trade "4's." Then, using the special stereo separation, remove the instrument of your choice and "sit in."! Tremendous tool for teachers as it allows isolation and careful study of each instruments role as well as definitive chapters by Jamey and the musicians on the recording - Dan Haerle, piano; Todd Coolman, bass; Ed Soph, drums; and Jack Petersen, guitar. Included are piano and guitar voicings, transcribed bass lines and bass line construction, and outstanding drum information. There are also transcribed solos by Haerle, Petersen and Coolman. While there is only one book, the recording is available in two formats . . . Volume 30A is for Keyboardists and/or Guitarists. Volume 30B is for Bassists and/or Drummers. You must specify the one you want, 30A or 30B. Songs are intermediate level and were written by Haerle and Petersen. This is our first play-a-long recording where the drummer can be turned off and filled in by the student who can play along and even trade 4's or 8's with the pros on the recording (Vol. 30B only.) This set should help set standards for young rhythm sections. Be sure to specify which recording you want . . . 30A or 30B. Each volume contains one book and one recording. Dan Haerle, piano; Todd Coolman, bass; Ed Soph, drums; and Jack Petersen, guitar.

  • Vol. 30A - Designed for keyboards and guitar. (Book/CD) $14.90
  • Vol. 30B - Designed for bass and drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 31 - Jazz Bossa Novas Int./Adv. level

Vol. 31 - Jazz Bossa NovasLyrics included. It has become standard practice today for the professional musician to play at least one Latin tune in each set as added spice to the overall sound. This set contains ten beautiful Bossa Novas that jazz players have been playing for years. Complete with melody, chords and lyrics. Transposed parts, too! These songs, with their crisp, clean tropical flavor, always seem to find a way of warming up those cold practice rooms on a cool day. Find out why this has always been one of our most popular volumes. Rhythm section is Hal Galper, piano; Steve Gilmore, bass; Bill Goodwin, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 32 - Ballads Int./Adv. level

BalladsLyrics included. He who commands the ballad will command the audience! Here are eight soulful ballads enjoyed by both musicians and listeners for years. Ballads have always been a challenge to play but when you hear the right changes played with great feeling by this outstanding rhythm section, you'll agree that learning these songs is made much easier. Melodies, chords, and lyrics are included . . . transposed parts, too! An excellent learning package for either beginner or pro! Give this one as a gift! Rhythm section is Hal Galper, piano; Steve Gilmore, bass; Bill Goodwin, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 33 - Wayne Shorter Int./Adv. level

Vol. 33 - Wayne ShorterWayne Shorter has been voted the best composer In DownBeat polls for years, and rightly so. Here is a collection of his most famous songs from the 60's and 70's. This set contains some of the finest melodic and harmonic vehicles used in the Miles Davis and Art Blakey bands that Wayne was a part of for many years. Experience for yourself Wayne's impressive compositional genius. Ron Carter, bass; Kenny Barron, piano; Adam Nussbaum, drums. (Book/2CD) $19.95

Vol. 34 - Jam Session Int./Adv. level

Jam SessionLyrics included. These are tunes everyone has heard and every musician should know. The names of the composers and lyricists read like a musical Hall Of Fame. Nineteen tunes from the cream of the Golden Age of songwriting in America. You'll find there's "No Greater Love" in your play-a-long collection! Rhythm section is Hal Galper, piano; Steve Gilmore, bass; Bill Goodwin, drums. (Book/2CD) $19.95

  • Steve Gilmore - Transcribed Bass Lines for Vol. 34 (Book) $4.95

Vol. 35 - Cedar Walton Int./Adv. level

Vol. 35 - Cedar WaltonJam with this all-star rhythm section on nine fresh, original tunes by the great Cedar Walton - with Cedar on piano! Many of these tunes are well on their way to becoming jazz "standards." Don't overlook this one! Several tunes have Cedar's own harmony parts, as used on his original recordings! These tunes make great additions to your school's jazz combo. Hear the sound of authentic "New York" jazz. Several tunes have written harmony parts, too. Cedar Walton, piano; Ron Carter, bass; Billy Higgins, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

  • Ron Carter - Transcribed Bass Lines for Vol. 35 (Book) $5.95

Vol. 36 - Bebop and Beyond Int./Adv. level

Vol. 36 - Bebop and BeyondIncludes seven tunes by a variety of jazz greats that have been recorded on many records in the past 40 years, and a song by Jamey in the same style. If you listen to jazz records, you've heard these tunes. Composers represented include such "heavies" as Tadd Dameron, Thelonious Monk, Ray Brown, and Tommy Flanagan. "Smokin'" rhythm section keeps you inspired from the first note to the last! Learn and enjoy these great tunes. Ronnie Matthews, piano; Ray Drummond, bass; Marvin "Smitty" Smith, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 37 - Sammy Nestico All levels

Vol. 37 - Sammy NesticoLyrics included. Sammy Nestico's charts have probably been played by more high school, college and professional big bands than anyone else's. Here's your chance to become intimately familiar with these tunes. This long-awaited volume will permit more thorough use of "sectional" time, as well as allowing individuals to "woodshed" on their own parts and solos. Discover how well these work as combo tunes. Rhythm section: Dan Haerle, piano; Todd Coolman, bass; Ed Soph, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

  • Todd Coolman - Transcribed Bass Lines for Vol. 37 (Book) $4.95

Vol. 38 - Blue Note©

Vol. 38 - Blue Note©Fifteen jazz favorites recorded over the years on one of the finest jazz labels ever, and two originals by Jamey. This set captures the spirit, sound and soul of the Blue Note© era with a variety of tunes that span the entire spectrum of the "standard" jazz player's bag. Composers include Hank Mobley, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Stanley Turrentine, Freddie Hubbard, Lee Morgan, Joe Henderson, Chick Corea, and more. Several tunes have written harmony parts, too. Rhythm section is Hal Galper, piano; Steve Gilmore, bass; Bill Goodwin, drums. (Book/2CD) $19.95

Blue Note © is a registered trademark of Capitol Records, Inc. Used by permission.

Vol. 39 - Swing, Swing, Swing All levels

Vol. 39 - Swing, Swing, SwingThese eight great, time-tested standards span over 75 years of American popular music and were favorites with every prominent big band and combo from the 20's to the 40's. Artists as diverse as Eubie Blake and John Coltrane have enjoyed and performed these classics in their own style, proof of their unending flexibility and popularity. Hal Galper, piano; Steve Gilmore, bass; Bill Goodwin, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 40 - 'Round Midnight All levels

Vol. 40 - 'Round MidnightLyrics included. The selection of songs makes it obvious why this is one of our favorite play-a-long volumes. If you own one classic jazz recording, there is a good chance it contains at least one of these songs. This set offers a good variety of song types, from the beautiful, haunting "'Round Midnight" to the exciting and often played "Love for Sale." Complementing these favorites are some of the best work of composers such as George Shearing, Johnny Mandel and Henry Mancini. Vocalists will particularly enjoy the oft' played standard "September in the Rain." Don't miss out! Hal Galper, piano; Steve Gilmore, bass; Bill Goodwin, drums. (Book/2CD) $19.95

all descriptive information and summaries ©2002 Jamey Aebersold/Jazz Aids. All rights reserved.

please note . . . Book/CD package count as three (3) items in calculating shipping charges;
Book/2CD count as four (4).

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