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Play-A-Long Sets©

Volumes 1 - 20
[Vol. 21 - 40] [Vol. 41 - 60] [Vol. 61 - 80] [Vol. 81 - 98]
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please note . . . Book/CD package count as three (3) items in calculating shipping charges;
Book/2CD count as four (4).
all descriptive information and summaries ©2002 Jamey Aebersold/Jazz Aids. All rights reserved.

Vol. 1 - How to Play Jazz and Improvise (New! Nine demo/play-a-long tracks!) Beg./Int. level

How to Play Jazz and ImproviseThe culmination of Jamey's twenty-five years as one of the world's leading jazz exponents. Volume 1 has unlocked the mysteries of jazz improvisation for a whole generation of musicians who previously had nowhere to turn for competent rhythm sections and accurate instruction. Now, the Volume 1 CD is expanded, with nine new demonstration tracks of Jamey playing the exercises from the book and soloing. The importance of the basic exercises become more apparent when you can actually hear how the phrases are supposed to sound, and Jamey's solos are the perfect way to demostrate how to solo with the play-a-long tracks. The book includes chapters on scales/chords, developing creativity, improv fundamentals, twelve blues scales, bebop scales, pentatonic scales and usage, time and feeling, melodic development, II/V7's, related scales and modes, practical exercises/patterns and licks, dominant 7th tree of scale choices, nomenclature, chromaticism, scale syllabus, and more. This complete improvisation set, along with Volume 24 - Major and Minor, can greatly open your ears and improve your playing.

Music is fun and this set is the first step to enjoying it. Each of the nineteen recorded tracks feels great and is fun to play with. Recorded tracks include Blues in Bb and F, Dorian minor tracks, four-measure cadences, cycle of dominants, 24-measure song, II/V7 in all keys. Book includes transposed parts for all instruments. Rhythm section is Jamey Aebersold, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Jonathan Higgins, drums. (Book/CD) $15.90

  • Essential companion: Volume 24 - Major and Minor
  • Rufus Reid - Transcribed Bass Lines for Vol. 1 & 3 (Book) $6.95
  • Jamey Aebersold - Transcribed Piano Comping for Vol. 1 (Book) $6.95

Vol. 2 - Nothin' But Blues Beg./Int. level

Vol. 2 - Nothin' But BluesThe Blues have had the very essence of the jazz sound since the 1920's. A player who masters the sound and feel of the Blues will play other jazz tunes in a manner that will inspire the listener. The rhythm section on this recording really grooves and makes this set fun to play with. Contains eleven different Blues melodies and is a natural follow-up to Volume 1 or Volume 21. The tempos are not fast. The Blues are presented in various keys and with a variety of moods from swing, modal, slow to rock. Chords and scales are written in the staff for each recorded track. Rhythm section is Dan Haerle, piano; Mike Hyman, drums; and Rufus Reid, bass. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 3 - The II/V7/I Progression (new expanded CD) Int. level

II/V7/I ProgressionProbably the most important musical sequence in modern jazz! A MUST for all aspiring jazz players. Book contains all the needed scales and chords to each of the recorded tracks. These are written in the staff. Contains 120 written patterns (transposed for all instruments) that can be played with the various tracks on the recording; also includes three full pages of piano voicings that correspond to the tracks on the recording. Book contains a Scale Syllabus which allows you to find and use substitute scales, just like professional musicians use. If you have been working on scales and chords, this book and recording set should be what you are looking for. A new concept in learning and applying basic jazz harmony. Allows you to practice major, minor, dominant 7th, diminished, whole-tone, half-diminished, Lydian and diminished whole-tone scales and chords. Rhythm section is Dan Haerle, piano; Rufus Reid, Jamey Aebersold, bass; Charlie Craig, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

  • Suggested prerequisites: Volumes 2, 1
  • Rufus Reid - Transcribed Bass Lines for Vol. 1 & 3 (Book) $6.95

Vol. 4 - Movin' On Adv. level

Vol. 4 - Movin' OnThis set contains nine original songs written by Jamey Aebersold and Dan Haerle. The songs are a challenge but are well worth the effort because they present problems you will encounter when playing jazz tunes. Each tune has the melody and the chord/scale progression written out for all instruments (transposed parts). Dan Haerle, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Charlie Craig, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 5 - Time to Play Music Beg/Int. level

Time To Play MusicThis is your chance! Take the techniques and theory you've learned from Volumes 1, 21, 24, 2 and 3 and apply them to a real playing situation on comfortable tunes. A great volume to use when making the transition from learning scales and chords to actually playing melodies and chord progressions. Eight songs written in the style of the great standards. Book contains suggestions for soloing on each tune and a Scale Syllabus. The rhythm section on this set makes you want to play! Rhythm section is Dan Haerle piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Jonathan Higgins, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

  • Suggested prerequisites: Volumes 24, 1, 3

Vol. 6 - All Bird Int./Adv. level

Charlie ParkerThis set contains the essence of modern music and is considered by most musicians to be some of the most important music of this century. Bebop is the music of the future! Ten Charlie Parker songs that truly represent the bebop era. This is truly a bebop rhythm section and they make the songs sing! This is a tremendous way to learn ten songs by the master musician, Charlie Parker. The songs have all become well-known jazz standards that are essential for every jazz player to know. There are blues, "Rhythm" changes, alternating latin/swing, fast, and standard 32-bar songs in this outstanding collection. Learn from the master! Rhythm section is Kenny Barron, piano; Ron Carter, bass; Ben Riley, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 7 - Miles Davis Int./Adv. level

Miles DavisEight classic jazz originals written by Miles Davis. This is a unique way to learn eight of the most popular songs of the Fifties. These tunes are considered jazz classics because most all jazz musicians around the world have learned them - and the reason so many jazz musicians have learned them is because they are all such interesting vehicles for improvising. The interesting chord changes, altered bridges and logical melodies have been quoted in many compositions throughout the music world. Gain an insight into early Miles and gain an understanding of the transitional bop to post-bop period. Rhythm section is Dan Haerle piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Jonathan Higgins, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 8 - Sonny Rollins Int./Adv. level

Sonny RollinsThese tunes represent a large portion of the jazz player's vocabulary. They are all considered jazz standards. Songs range from simple to complex, slow tempos to fast. The chord changes on several tunes are such that the novice improviser can solo using a single scale such as the Blues or Pentatonic scale, yet intermediate and advanced players will still have plenty of challenge playing on the flowing and natural chord changes as they go by. Others present a greater challenge, with fast tempos, 3/4 time signatures and alternating grooves. Something for everyone. Rhythm section is Dan Haerle piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Jonathan Higgins, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 9 - Woody Shaw Int./Adv. level

Vol. 9 - Woody ShawThese tunes will become jazz standards. Eight beautiful songs, written by Woody Shaw, which are a departure from the typical bebop jazz melodies and chord progressions. The songs are a challenge and should be a treat for intermediate to advanced players. The styles and tune formulae represented are bossa nova, waltz, minor blues, alternating bossa/swing and latin/swing, slow and fast. These songs are a welcome departure from typical bebop and swing tunes and are sure to inspire fresh ideas. Rhythm section: Ronnie Matthews, James Williams, piano; Stafford James, Jamey Aebersold, bass; Louis Hayes, Mike Hyman, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 10 - David Baker Int. Adv. level

Vol. 10 - David BakerThis set is a sleeper!. These songs are written by one of the finest jazz educators in the world. A pioneer in jazz pedagogy and a prolific writer, David Baker has written eight tunes which contain a wide variety of styles and tempos. The rhythm section really gets into each tune, which in turn, brings more out of you when you play. Songs are all truly performance-level material, yet designed to specifically address the needs of the advancing improviser with different challenges in each: swing, rock, bossa, waltz, slow groove and ballad. Dan Haerle, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; Jonathan Higgins or Charlie Craig, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 11 - Herbie Hancock Beg./Int. level

Vol. 11 - Herbie HancockThis set contains much variety . . . rock, modal and swing tunes. Eight songs written by Herbie Hancock that range from the funky "Watermelon Man" to the modal "Maiden Voyage." Beginning improvisers will find many of the songs on this set a real treat with many containing only three or four chords at relaxed tempos. Intermediate players will enjoy the variety of styles to choose from and advanced players can get into the unusual changes and faster tempos on other tunes. This, like Volumes 5, 17, 54 and 70, is another great "transitional" set to take you from learning your scales and chords to actually improvising on real jazz standards. Ron Carter, bass; Kenny Barron, piano; Billy Hart, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 12 - Duke Ellington Int. level

Vol. 12 - Duke EllingtonNine all-time classics! This set includes some of the most famous jazz standards in the world! . . . ballads to swing. Every jobbing musician should know these tunes. The ballads are rich and lush while the swing tunes are crisp and light. Each tune "feels" great! An inspiring way to practice - makes a great gift for any musician who wants to learn standards, or who plays just for the fun of it! Everyone should learn these songs. Duke Ellington has probably single-handedly influenced more music and more musicians than any other jazz musician. Ron Carter, bass; Kenny Barron, piano; Ben Riley, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 13 - Cannonball Adderley Int. level

Vol. 13 - Cannonball AdderleyThis is an album with a happy sound! The rhythm section really takes charge and points the way, which makes each track really swing. All three rhythm section members played with the Cannonball Adderley Quartet, so you are getting it from the authentic source! Catchy melodies, bluesy riffs, and hip changes are the hallmark of this set. Find out what "groovin" is really all about! This is truly a fun set and it isn't hard to strike a groove while playing with the recording. Rhythm section is Sam Jones, bass; Ronnie Matthews, piano; Louis Hayes, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 14 - Benny Golson Int./Adv. level

Vol. 14 - Benny GolsonThis set gives you something to think about and can help raise your playing to a higher level of proficiency. Benny is one of the most popular jazz composers. This set was produced by Benny Golson himself, in a Los Angeles studio with his own hand-picked musicians, so you know the feel and general approach is 100% authentic. Benny even counts off the tunes! There's no better way to learn these important jazz standards, inside and out! Patrice Rushen, piano; Bob Magnusson, bass; Roy McCurdy, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 15 - Payin' Dues Int./Adv. level

v15Don't overlook this one! Most musicians agree, this is a much needed set! If you work on these tunes and chord progressions (which are based on 'standard' chord progressions) you will be on your way to learning much of the standard jazz repertoire harmonies and and root movements. Chord progressions similar to Stella By Starlight, Body and Soul, I'll Remember April, There Will Never Be Another You, What Is This Thing Called Love, It's You Or No One, The Song is You. Here is a set of nine familiar chord progressions with original melodies written by Jamey Aebersold. The tempos are medium to up-tempo. Rhythm section is Ron Carter, bass; Kenny Barron, piano; Grady Tate, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

  • Ron Carter - Transcribed Bass Lines for Vol. 15 (Book) $5.95

Vol. 16 - Turnarounds, Cycles & II/V7's Int./Adv. level

Turnarounds, Cycles & II/V7'sIf you have been working on playing scales, chords and harmony in general, this set is the next step towards getting your ears and fingers coordinated. This set is a continuation of Volume 3, but in much more depth. Set contains 5 Turnaround Tracks, 6 Cycle Tracks, Coltrane Blues, Some of the Things I Am (an exercise in substitute II/V7's), 6 II/V7 Tracks, Coltrane changes in all twelve keys, Bb Rhythm changes (slow tempo), and Guess What Key I'm In. Twenty-three tracks and almost all go through all twelve keys!! Rhythm section is Jamey Aebersold, piano; John Clayton, bass, Mike Hyman, drums, and others. (Book/2CD) $19.95

Vol. 17 - Horace Silver Beg./Int. level

Vol. 17 - Horace SilverThis set contains some of Horace's most famous songs. Tempos are all slow to medium and musical styles/grooves represented include slow 2-beat, rock blues, lush ballad, 32-bar shuffle, bossa and swing. Many of these can be heard on Horace's breakthrough albums of the 60's and 70's with Joe Henderson, J.J. Johnson and Woody Shaw. Rhythm section is Ron Carter, bass; Kenny Barron, piano; and Al Foster, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 18 - Horace Silver Beg./Int/ level

v18This set is a challenger but is worth your every effort. With this set and Volume 17, a total of sixteen Horace Silver songs are at your disposal. Ron Carter and Al Foster have made numerous recordings with Horace Silver and know his music well. The tempos are faster on this set and provide the type of workout that any aspiring musician should welcome. The tremendous feel of the first-class rhythm section lifts your playing to new levels, making even the most difficult tunes manageable. Rhythm section is Ron Carter, bass; Kenny Barron, piano; and Al Foster, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 19 - David Liebman Int./Adv. level

Vol. 19 - David LiebmanIf you are looking for something a little different, try this one! This set is unusual because it contains no II/V7's. The tunes are fresh and the chord progressions are not the usual found in standard jazz songs. These songs are not typical bebop tunes - they are a step in a new direction with a fresh sound. Rhythm section is Richie Beirach, piano; Frank Tusa, bass; and Al Foster, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90

Vol. 20 - Jimmy Raney Int. level

Vol. 20 - Jimmy RaneyThis is a great way to study bebop! This outstanding set includes transcribed solos written and played by Jimmy on guitar. Regular tracks are used for play-a-long purposes . . . the special demo track has Jimmy soloing with the rhythm section and he plays all ten solos from the booklet. A New Concept in transcribed solos. . . you can actually hear and see what is being played on the demo track. All the chord progressions are based on standards. Jimmy has written solos over them. Jimmy Raney, guitar; Steve Rodby, bass; Mike Hyman, drums. (Book/CD) $14.90


all descriptive information and summaries ©2002 Jamey Aebersold/Jazz Aids. All rights reserved.

please note . . . Book/CD package count as three (3) items in calculating shipping charges;
Book/2CD count as four (4).

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