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Candid Jazz:

Chesky Guitar Collection:

A Chiaroscuro Christmas:

Christmas Blues:

Circle Sampler:

The Classics Collection:

Colossal Saxophone Sessions:

Come Together: Guitar Tribute to the Beatles:

Commodore Story:

Concerto Jazz Live:

Concord Jazz Artists:

Concord Jazz Collector's Series:

Concord Jazz Guitar Collection:

Concord Jazz Guitar Collective:

Coolin'... A Soul Jazz Journey:

Count Basie Alumni Sessions:

Cuban Big Bands 1940-42:

Cuban Trios 1940-1941:

Debut Records Story:

Deep Jazz Trip:

Delmark: 40th Anniversary-Jazz:

Dixieland: The Birth Of Jazz:

Dixieland: The Greatest Hits:

Drums Parade:

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